Quality Policy Statement

T&R Test Equipment Ltd designs and manufactures high voltage and heavy current electrical test equipment. The company operates from their site based in Guildford but products are sold to all areas of the wold.

Product quality in planning, design and delivery relies on three primary elements: skilled personnel, innovative technology and a proven process.

It is the policy of T&R Test Equipment Ltd to provide a customer focused and professional solution based on the following precepts:
• Extensive product and market knowledge
• Innovative design concepts.
• Reliable supply chain.
• Value for money and cost control.

In support of this policy, we operate our business using quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and we are committed to the continual improvement of quality management system.

ISO 9001:2015 requirements are an integral part of management system and the organisation is dedicated to ensuring its continuing effectiveness by:

• Providing clear focus on priorities through the establishment of business and quality objectives.
• Making available the necessary resources for the effective functioning of the management system and the achievement of its quality objectives, including finance, personnel, premises, staff facilities and equipment.
• Ensuring all activities are planned, controlled and documented in a systematic manner.
• Ensuring that customers’ requirements are met in terms of product quality, delivery time, specification compliance and after sales service.
• Communicating the policy and objectives to all employees.
• Providing the necessary training and skills to employees.
• Ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations, standards and product requirements.
• Obtaining continuous feedback and liaising with our clients and stakeholders to identify areas of improvements.

T&R Test Equipment Ltd is committed to communicating, engaging and consulting with our employees and to make sure that everybody is aware of their individual responsibilities and commitments so that we can achieve our objectives and policies.

This policy is available to all our employees via our internal management system and is also available to other interested parties on request.