ES30, ES50, ES100


  • For earthing high voltage connections
  • Highly flexible, clear silicone covered earth cable


Product Data

The ES30, ES50 and ES100 earthing sticks are designed for earthing the high voltage connection after ac testing in accordance with EN50191. The earthing sticks consist of a hooked earth connection mounted on an insulated handle with a 5m earth lead. The earth lead insulation is clear silicone allowing the conductor to be easily inspected, and is terminated in an M6 hooked crimp.

ES30 ES50 ES100
Maximum voltage 30kV 50kV 100kV
Length 670mm 840mm 1270mm
Earth Lead Length 5m 5m 5m
Earth Lead CSA 6mm2 6mm2 6mm2

Note: Under no circumstances must these earthing probes be connected to energised ac distribution systems.