Current Injection

We offer a range of secondary and primary current injection equipment, from 50A upwards, including both single phase and three phase.

Secondary Current Injection Equipment (SCITS)

 Our range of units covers applications up to 200A and includes single phase and three phase units with applications for testing and timing of IDMT relays, thermal overloads, MCB’s and auto-reclosers, and the 200ADM-P captures data directly to a USB memory stick.
  • Over and under current relays
  • IDMT relays
  • Over and under voltage relays
  • Auto-reclosers
  • Time delay relays
  • Differential relays
  • Earth fault relays
  • Miniature circuit breakers
  • Power relays
  • Tripping relays
  • Thermal relays
  • Voltage regulating relays
  • Power relays
  • Induction Disk Relays
  • Solid State Relays
  • Auto-switching dual supply
  • RS232 for printer or PC
  • Data logging software


Primary Current Injection Equipment (PCITS)


 There are several systems available which cover from 750A through to 6000A. Available in single phase, testing applications include testing and timing of under and over current relays, circuit breakers and CT ratio testing.
  • Continuously variable output
  • Multi-function digital timing system
  • Digital true RMS memory ammeter
  • Automatic switch-off at end of test
  • Loading units from 500A-6000A
  • Low impedance, dual-range outputs
  • Rugged, compact design
  • Secondary injection up to 100A
  • Digital true RMS metering


Our current products available are:



Features: Wide range of output currents. AC and DC voltage outputs. All outputs continuously variable. Output current metering from 40mA-200A. Automatic switch-off in all modes of operation. Multi-function timing system. Suitable for testing thermal devices. Compact and highly portable. Voltage and current outputs available simultaneously.   ...

100ADM mk4

<img alt="" src="" style="display:none;" /> Features  0-100A output current  True RMS metering with single cycle capture Auxiliary DC and AC output Multi-function auto-ranging timing system Current limit mode for fine control Automatic mains voltage selection Thermal and over-current protection ...
200A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System

200A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System

  Features: 0-200A 3 Phase output. Accurate true RMS digital metering. All outputs fully isolated. Multi-function 1ms resolution timing system. Auxiliary AC output. Electronic over-current protection. All test results  can be stored to a USB memory key. T&R Test Equipment is a market leader in the field of current injection equipment. T...


<img alt="" src="" style="display:none;" />   Features 0-200A output current True RMS metering with 1 cycle capture Variable auxiliary ac voltage/ current output with phase shift Auxiliary metering input V, f, Φ, Z, P, S, PF, CT ratio, harmonics & more Variable auxiliary output 12-220Vdc Multi-function auto-ranging t...

50A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System

<img alt="" src="" style="display:none;" />   Features 0-50A three phase output Clear and simple user interface 3 phase current output 0-50A per phase output current True RMS digital metering Memory ammeter Multi-function timing system Auxiliary metering input Large back-lit liquid crystal display Thermal ...

750ADM-H Mk2

Features ·          Primary injection up to 750A ·          4V output* ·          16V 40A output for secondary injection ·          True RMS digital metering with single cycle capture ·          Multi-function timing system ·          Large back-lit liquid crystal display ·          Thermal and over-current protection ·          Automatic switch-off at end of test ·      ...
PCU1-SP mk2

PCU1-SP mk2

<img alt="" src="" style="display:none;" /> Primary Current Injection System (Up to 5000A, 11.5kVA)   Features 5kA maximum output current (higher overload currents for 2s) Multi-function digital timing system Digital true RMS memory ammeter Solid state switching 2000A and 5000A loading units Three range outputs ...
PCU2 mk5

PCU2 mk5

Primary Current Injection System (Up to 5000A, 20kVA) Features 20kVA output capability Continuously variable output Multi-function timing system Digital true RMS ammeter with memory Bright LED displays Automatic switch-off at end of test Centralised control and metering Separate control and loading units 5000A (10kA 1s) & 6000A (12kA 1s) Low impedance,...