PCU2 mk5

Primary Current Injection System (Up to 6000A, 20kVA)


  • 20kVA output capability (5 minutes)
  • Continuously variable output
  • Multi-function timing system
  • Digital true RMS ammeter with memory
  • Bright LED displays
  • Automatic switch-off at end of test
  • Centralised control and metering
  • Separate control and loading units
  • 5000A (10kA 1s) & 6000A (12kA 1s)
  • Low impedance, dual-range outputs

Product Data

The PCU2 mk5 primary current injection system is ideally suited to commissioning and maintenance testing where very high currents are required. The system consists of separate control and loading units for maximum flexibility. The control unit contains all control and metering circuitry, and is linked to the loading unit by control and metering cables.

The control unit may be used with one of a range of loading units providing either 5000A or 6000A for 5 minutes or up to 10 or 12kA respectively for short periods. Each loading unit has two outputs which may be connected in series or parallel for maximum flexibility. For example, the LU6000 may be configured to either give 3000A at 6.6V or 6000A at 3.3V.

The control and loading units are each housed in tough steel cases fitted with castors and protective lifting handles. The loading units have a small plan area to allow them to be positioned as close as possible to the test object, minimising power requirements and maximising the available current.

This unit is ideally suited to all primary current injection tasks, including testing under and over current relays, circuit breakers and CT ratio testing.

The control unit is rated at 20kVA for 5 min, and has digital metering. A memory facility is provided on the metering to hold the current reading when the output trips or is switched off. The current is automatically switched off when the device under test trips.

A flexible timing system is provided, allowing timing tests to be carried out to a resolution of 1ms. Selection for normally open or normally closed contacts is automatic, and the status of the contacts is shown on the front panel. Timing modes are available to test under and overcurrent devices, reclosers, under and over voltage devices, current trips and circuit breakers.


Optional Accessories:

Output Lead Sets
A range of output lead sets are available to complement the PCU2 mk5 system
with current ratings between 3000A and 6000A. The leads are double insulated
and have good flexibility.


Type Length CSA Termination
3000AL 2.5m 560mm2 Copper bar
4000AL 2.5m 700mm2 Copper bar
5000AL 2m 840mm2 Copper bar
6000AL 2m 1120mm2 Copper bar

Other output lead lengths are available on request.