RB10 Resistor Box


  • 0.5 ohms to 1666.5 ohms in 8 steps
  • Maximum current 0.2-10A
  • Improves current control into low impedance loads
  • Particularly suitable for solid state relays
  • Can be used as swamping impedance for non-linear loads
  • Thermal cut out







Product Data

The RB10 resistor box is used in conjunction with a current injection unit when testing low impedance relays and trips, allowing finer control of the current. The unit is designed for use with the 100ADM mk1-4 and 200ADM-P, but may be used with any suitable current source.

The unit has eight resistance ranges with a maximum power dissipation of 50W for any one resistor.

The RB10 is supplied in a robust aluminium case, and all connections are made by industry standard 4mm safety sockets.

Optional Accessories
S000-0534 5m low current lead set