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Point of Contact: Mario Gutiérrez

About DISMAI, S.L.

DISMAI, S.L. is a pioneering company founded and incorporated in Bilbao on September 30, 1964. Later, on August 3, 1979, it took the form of a Limited Liability Company. DISMAI, S.L. excels in the fields of electricity and electronics, specifically as suppliers of customized control, regulation, measurement, and manufacturing equipment for auxiliary units. Notably, they boast a well-equipped laboratory to address any product breakdowns.

With a client portfolio exceeding 3,500, DISMAI, S.L. serves as a trusted partner to electricity producers, distributors in Spain, as well as the steel and chemical industries. Their extensive reach spans across these sectors. Additionally, DISMAI, S.L. caters to the specific needs of various clients, including all electricity producers and distributors in Spain, as well as regular customers in the steel and chemical industries.

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