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100ADM MK5 Secondary Current Injection Test Set

4.6 (5 reviews)

The 100ADM mk5 Secondary Current Injection Test Set is a versatile and precise test set for protective systems, offering a wide range of outputs and comprehensive protection.

  • 0-100A output current
  • True RMS metering with single cycle capture
  • Auxiliary DC and AC output
  • Multi-function auto-ranging timing system
  • Current limit mode for fine control
  • Automatic mains voltage selection
  • Thermal and over-current protection
  • User-friendly panel layout and intuitive interface


Introducing the 100ADM mk5 Secondary Current Injection Test Set, a versatile system for engineers. It effectively tests protective systems and features a user-friendly panel layout. Additionally, it offers an intuitive interface for seamless navigation.

Retaining the familiar user interface of its predecessors, the 100ADM mk5 incorporates a new metering system. This system accurately measures the RMS of a single cycle. Moreover, it introduces a current limit mode, enabling precise control of low currents even with low impedance loads.

With a wide range of outputs, the 100ADM mk5 allows injecting currents from mA to 100A. It provides voltages up to 240V on the main outputs, facilitating testing of high impedance current relays and voltage relays. Furthermore, industry-standard safety connectors ensure convenience, reliability, and safety.

The 100ADM Mk5 Secondary Current Injection Test Set is equipped with comprehensive protection features. These include overcurrent, duty cycle, and thermal trips. Users are promptly notified of any trip conditions, ensuring their safety. The unit also includes a stabilised DC supply and an independently switched, isolated 110V AC output for powering the relay under test.

Featuring a bright back-lit display with a wide viewing angle, the 100ADM mk5 provides easy visibility of test results. It also offers a flexible two-channel timing system, enabling precise measurement of trip times, reset times, and re-close times. Additionally, the timer auto-ranges from 1ms to 99999.9s.

The 100ADM is ideal for testing various types of single-phase secondary protection. These include 27/59 Over and under voltage relays, 37 Under current, 51 IDMT relays, 50/76 Instantaneous overcurrent, 59G Neutral voltage displacement, 79 Auto-reclosers, 2 Time delay relays, 51G/50G Earth fault relays, 67 Directional overcurrent (basic tests), 52 Miniature circuit breakers, Tripping relays, and Thermal relays. It is also compatible with 90V Voltage regulating relays.

Overall, the 100ADM mk5 Secondary Current Injection Test Set offers efficient and reliable testing for engineers. Its user-centric design, advanced features, and compatibility with multiple protection systems make it an ideal choice.

Our partners, including AcutestAlpha ElectronicsCuthbertson LairdNorwich Instrument Services, and PASS Ltd offer the 100ADM Mk5 in the United Kingdom. If you are based outside of Great Britain, you can order the product through our worldwide distribution network.

100ADM Mk5 Operating Manual


100ADM Mk5 Datasheet


Additional information

Metal Case Weight

20 kg

Metal Case Dimensions

390 x 315 x 225 mm

Pelican Case Weight

23.9 kg

Pelican Case Dimensions

560 × 456 × 265 mm

Supplied Accessories

User manual
Calibration certificate
Spare fuses
Mains lead
Output Leads
Low current leads
Orange lead set case for metal case version

5 reviews for 100ADM MK5 Secondary Current Injection Test Set

  1. Aditya Patel

    Nice instrument, the pelicase makes it easier to move around when on site

  2. Mateo Rodriguez

    Good test set to have! Used one of the earlier versions for almost a decade until I upgraded to 200ADM-P.

  3. Carlos Silva

    Got one exactly as in the pictures in a metal case, brilliant piece of kit.

  4. Thiago Souza

    I would have given 5 stars, but I am not that young anymore and I find it a bit too heavy. Apart from that, the unit has served me well and younger engineers have no problem using it.

  5. Luca Feracciano

    I got a second hand Mk3 unit a while ago and it was worth it. Been using it regularly ever since. Grande T&R!

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