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LLT Cross Arm Leakage Kit

5.0 (1 review)

  • Detects HV leakages
  • Self powered operation
  • Indicates the presence of live voltage on circuits up to 33kV
  • High voltage measurement
  • Suitable for both dry and wet conditions
  • High quality fibreglass rod
  • Proving and repeater units
  • High immunity to interference field


The LLT Cross Arm Leakage Kit is a purpose-built solution for conducting leakage measurements on unearthed pole cross arms and checking for dry banding on wooden poles in systems up to 33kV. This comprehensive kit includes all the necessary components to effectively perform these tests.

The kit consists of the following components, securely housed in a durable soft carry case with dedicated compartments:

  • 0-20kV Log Scaled Repeater Unit with Earth Lead
  • Leakage Probe
  • Proving Unit with batteries
  • Overhead line adaptor
  • Bowthorpe Rod Adaptor with a 12m lead
  • Polymer Cleaning Kit
  • Instruction manual

*Each item can also be supplied separately to meet specific requirements.

The LLT Cross Arm Leakage Kit adheres to IEC1243 part 2 standards and employs established techniques for high voltage measurement. It displays all readings on an analogue meter, ensuring clear visibility of results. On a 33kV system, the Phase to Earth Voltage measures 19.8kV. The Cross Arm Repeater Unit features a Log Scale ranging from 20kV to 1kV, with a minimum scale point of 200V for easy measurement below 1kV.

This instrument is constructed with high-quality fiberglass rods and polycarbonate mouldings, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, even in wet conditions. It operates within a temperature range of -25˚C to +50˚C, providing versatility across different environments. The kit enables the use of a Bowthorpe Rod Adaptor attached to the Leakage Probe, extending its reach for testing cross arms from the ground. The Repeater Unit scale conveniently indicates any detected leakage, offering valuable insights during inspections and maintenance tasks.

Our partners, including AcutestAlpha ElectronicsCuthbertson LairdNorwich Instrument Services, and PASS Ltd, offer the LLT Cross Arm Leakage Kit in the United Kingdom. Additionally, if you are located outside Great Britain, you can conveniently order the product through our worldwide distribution network.

Additional information

Weight11 kg
Dimensions117 × 44 × 16 mm

1 review for LLT Cross Arm Leakage Kit

  1. Lee Hoi-Ling

    Old but gold! This is how this kit feel for me. Can’t recommend it enough.

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