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HVD Switchgear Kit

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  • Designed for “Dead” checks on Switchgear
  • Suitable for HVD Types rated up to 33kV
  • Includes a Capacitive Bent End Adapter for limited current
  • Compliant with IEC standard 61481


The HVD Switchgear Kit is specifically designed for use with HVD Types rated up to 33kV. Its primary function is to ensure the safety of personnel while checking for electrical discharge on switchgear. This comprehensive kit includes a Special Capacitive Bent End Adapter, Probes, and Custom Handles, all neatly stored in a black Carry Bag.

Furthermore, the kit fully complies with IEC standard 61481, making it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, regardless of prevailing weather conditions. Notably, the Capacitive Bent End Adaptor effectively limits the available current to less than 1.5mA, enhancing safety measures.

The HVD Detector, housed within cone-shaped plastic mouldings, features a metallic screen coating. This coating serves as a voltage divider, enabling accurate voltage measurements. The output of the HVD Detector drives indicating lamps and audible signals. As such, it is able to provide clear and reliable indications.

It is essential to use the HVD unit in conjunction with the approved Handle of the appropriate length. This ensures the necessary clearance distance relative to the system voltage. Furthermore, it ensures safety protocols are maintained.

Please note the HVD Switchgear Kit does not include a High Voltage Detector or Proving Unit.

Our partners, such as AcutestAlpha ElectronicsCuthbertson LairdNorwich Instrument Services, and PASS Ltd offer the HVD Switchgear Kit in the United Kingdom. Additionally, if located outside Great Britain, this product is available through our worldwide distribution network.

HVD Switchgear Kit Operating Manual



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