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KV5-100 MK3 Test Set

4.33 (3 reviews)

KV5-100 MK3 is a versatile instrument designed for testing insulation systems and measuring breakdown voltage on electrical components.

  • Continuously variable output voltage 0-5kV AC
  • Variable trip circuit
  • 12mA and 20-120mA
  • Output voltage and current metering
  • Visual and audible indication of test piece failure
  • Compact lightweight instrument
  • Burn feature giving 100mA maximum current on short circuit
  • Key operated switch preventing unauthorised operation
  • Complies with the testing requirements of BS1363


The KV5-100 MK3 Test Set is designed to test insulation systems and measures breakdown voltage on electrical components. It adjusts output voltage from zero to 5kV and accurately meters output voltage and current. An interlock energizes the output only when voltage control is zero.

Two analogue instruments meter output voltage and load current. Output voltage displays on a dual-scale marking of 0-3kV and 0-6kV. Load current has a 0-10 scale marking with selectable ranges: 0-10mA and 0-100mA.

An adjustable current trip, linked to the current metering range, safeguards the test object and output. The trip level is customizable from 20-120% in 20% increments. Audible and visible indications signal test object breakdown. The alarm requires manual reset before resuming testing.

The portable KV5-100 MK3 AC Test Set includes permanently connected test leads terminated in crocodile clips. For enhanced safety, use it with an interlocked test enclosure. It’s an essential tool for precise and reliable testing in the electrical industry.

Our partners, such as AcutestAlpha ElectronicsCuthbertson LairdNorwich Instrument Services, and PASS Ltd offer the KV5-100 Mk3 in the United Kingdom. Additionally, if you are located outside Great Britain, you can conveniently order the product through our worldwide distribution network.

KV5-100 Mk3 Operating Manual


KV5-100 Mk3 Datasheet


Additional information

Weight16.5 kg
Dimensions364 × 262 × 147 mm

3 reviews for KV5-100 MK3 Test Set

  1. Thomas Taylor

    I like this instrument but you need to treat it with care. I would love to see it with digital meters.

  2. Ava Wilson

    My colleagues use a Mk2 weekly and I make sure it is always calibrated. T&R is always happy to help on that aspect. One thing all of us agree is that it could use digital meters.

  3. Henrik Jensen

    Funny enough, we have 3 of these. From Mk1 to Mk3 this product always delivers

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