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KV50-20D MK2 Test System

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  • 0-50kV output voltage
  • 20mA maximum output current
  • Auto-selecting 115/230V supply voltage
  • Key operated supply switch to prevent unauthorised operation
  • Dual overload protection
  • Variable electronic trip
  • Voltage and current metering
  • External interlock circuit
  • Zero-volt interlock
  • Visual indication of test piece failure
  • Cast resin HV transformer


The KV50-20D Mk2 Test System is a compact & portable high voltage AC test system designed for insulation testing. It’s ideal for both development and routine testing of electrical insulation systems. The system includes a control unit and a separate resin cast high voltage transformer, connected by a 5-meter control cable.

The control unit, housed in a rugged aluminium case, offers comprehensive control, metering, and protection features. Digital meters provide accurate readings of output RMS voltage and current. A variable electronic trip allows flexible adjustment of the trip current between 10% and 110% of the rated output, ensuring precise control during testing.

The KV50-20D Mk2 Test System enhances safety with its compatibility for operation within an interlock test enclosure. The control unit features a connector for easy integration of interlock switches, additional emergency stop switches, and external 24V beacons, enhancing safety measures.

Experience the convenience, versatility, and safety of the KV50-20D Mk2 Test System for your insulation testing needs.

Our partners, such as AcutestAlpha ElectronicsCuthbertson LairdNorwich Instrument Services, and PASS Ltd offer the KV50-20D Mk2 in the United Kingdom. Additionally, if you are located outside Great Britain, you can conveniently order the product through our worldwide distribution network.

KV50-20D Mk2 Operating Manual


KV50-20D Mk2 Datasheet


Additional information

Control Unit Weight

17 kg

Control Unit Dimensions

380 x 314 x 221 mm

Transformer Weight

75 kg

Transformer Dimensions

490 x 520 x 795 mm

Supplied Accessories

User manual
Calibration certificate
Spare fuses
Mains lead
Interconnecting lead
Earth clamp
2 x 5m Earth lead 6mm2
1 x 5m Earth lead with large clip


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